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Not just a great result,

but a unique and fantastic experience!

Do you want a smile that will become your business card, to always smile with confidence and to be admired by those around you, but you don't know how to achieve this?

You now have the only clinic in Romania that can do this for you and with you!

Ada Dental Center is the first and only dental clinic in Romania officially accredited DSD (Digital Smile Design), being part of a select network of top clinics around the world, highly qualified and trained in the revolutionary DSD approach, an innovative way to do dentistry. Only here you can get involved in the design of your own smile together with the best specialists in dental aesthetics in the world and with DSD (Digital Smile Design), the program that revolutionized dentistry, accessible in the only DSD certified clinic in Romania. Thanks to modern technologies, in our clinic you can have the role of partner of the dentist, actively participating in creating your own smile with DSD (Digital Smile Design) technology.

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What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is a state-of-the-art digital technology that allows you to design the much desired smile from the first visit. This revolutionary tool, known as, at the moment, the most successful invention in dentistry worldwide, was developed by Dr. Christian Coachman, the only dentist member in three of the most important Academies of Aesthetic Dentistry in the world. The team of specialists trained by Dr. Christian Coachman works with the Ada Dental Center team so that you have a smile the way you want it, an extraordinary result and a unique experience!
DSD is based on a computer program that, starting from photos, video images and intraoral scans, allows the medical team to work with you to create the ideal smile, taking into account your unique characteristics.
Digital Smile Design is a perfect mix of professionalism, emotion, predictability, art level design, long-term health, beauty in detail, confidence and impeccable teeth.
You thus have a complex, unique experience with an extraordinary result!

Why are video images important?

It has been shown that through video recordings all the facial features of the patient are obtained, in much more detail than in a picture, where the smile is limited. The video images help the complete visibility of the teeth in all poses: smile, laughter, speech, so that the end result is in perfect harmony and as we wish for everyday life, which we live in all these poses.
Fingerprinting replaces those awkward fingerprints with spoons full of material that give all sorts of unpleasant sensations. In addition to patient comfort, the fingerprint provides much more accurate information on the prosthetic field. It makes the difference and helps a lot in obtaining a final result of extraordinary precision, with a perfect anatomical adaptation.
Subsequently, also digital, using 3D technology, a mock-up (a digital model with a final smile) and / or temporary facets is made, this being the best way to preview the final aesthetic and functional result before the patient decides to start any treatment.
Thus, the patient knows exactly what to expect, what it will look like in the end, and can confidently begin the procedures for obtaining the ideal smile, having all the advantages of the most advanced digital technology in the field.

What are the advantages of DSD technology?

DSD is not just a program that simulates smiles, it is a complex program used in surgery, orthodontics and implantology, which gives perfect results, as they have never been obtained before in dentistry.
Starting from the smile simulation, the position of the implants is accurately calculated, depending on the patient's bone supply, so that the final result we want is supported. The program provides a digital guide with which the final implant is made.
In orthodontics, DSD is used for Invisalign, those teeth straightening gutters. Again, the patient can visualize, with the help of the program, the final result, with the teeth perfectly aligned in the correct position for an ideal aesthetic but also healthy smile.
Digital Smile Design technology is extremely useful for both the doctor and the patient. The doctor gives the precision he needs in all the procedures that lead to the final result, and the patient starts calmly and confidently on the road with the specialists, because he has already done a Smile Test Drive and knows, feels and understands that his smile will he looked exactly the way he wanted.
The smile, the size and the ideal position of the teeth are perfectly rendered by this revolutionary DSD technology. Each person is different and the creative process is unique. The aesthetics are made personalized, depending on each patient, depending on the shape of the teeth, gums, lips, but especially in accordance with his expectations.
With the help of Digital Smile Design technology, the team of specialists decides, together with the patient, what the final result will look like.

The 5 standards of excellence in creating a smile

Extraordinary quality of information.

We do Digital Design for Smile, which means that we start each treatment using advanced technology to meticulously collect and process your dental information, down to the smallest detail, through methods of analysis and digital processing of photo and video images./p>

3D facial design
Harmonizing the smile with the face.

We design your new 3D smile, in harmony with your facial features to create a natural balance. We call this the 3D-guided facial smile design. But our job is to translate the ideally harmonized smile into healthy teeth.

Digital treatment planning
The best decision!

Our team of digital smile design experts will create your treatment plan. Specialist doctors form a team around each case, so that the best decisions are made, interdisciplinary, to offer you the highest standards of treatment for a perfect result.

Trial smile
You test and approve.

Would you buy a car without testing it? Each car company offers a test drive. For the first time in dentistry, a Drive Test can be done to help you see, feel, understand and approve the final result and design of your own smile before starting treatment. We will work together to make sure we really understand what you want.

Digital dental guidance
Your treatment.

We use special digital printing programs to give you a precise personalized treatment. This means that the end result will be exactly what you initially approved in the treatment plan. Ada Dental Center is the only DSD certified clinic in Romania, with the technology and know-how to offer this level of quality control.